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Today was a great Valentine's and Aaron, as usual, were home, working together, doing a little decorating, cooking some risotto, baking some muffins, giving the chihuahuas tubbies, listening to music, watching our current favorite show after dinner...all the everyday stuff...and why should it be any different? We used to go out to eat on V Day, but then it got to be so stressful...too many other people out there doing the same thing. So we made it a day about cooking and relaxing at home. Overall, I like everything about Valentine's Day, especially that it's a day when pink and red sit side by side, center stage. I'm a highly visual girl after all. And speaking of visual...check out the perfectly stenciled wall above. So Fabulous! The colors and textures work so well together. So FUN! I need more rooms in my house. 

And I have been a fan of Fun Cult  forever! That amazing banner above is made by the same sweet gal who made the "forever" banner that hangs on our headboard. If you don't have one of your own yet...what are you waiting for?!!

I will always love paper crafting, and the simplicity and feel of paper decorations. I love the roses, sepia book pages, layered paper heart garland from La Mia Casa. It's just beautiful. And crafts like this should be kept in the highest regard. I so so appreciate the time and care put into precious things like this.

Do you want to make your own Royal icing sprinkles? Well, here's how! And they're not just for Valentine's Day! Imagine them in lots of lovely pastels. 

I wouldn't mind calling this Pink House my home. I feel like I'd have to return home with a package full of macarons each and every day. Why is it that I can picture exactly what my life would be if this was the doorway I came home to everyday?  

Yes, I'll take this couch and furball ottoman (if it's faux)...asap. Again, I can imagine a whole new life that revolves around the existence of these pieces. 

I'm so incredibly smitten with my Instagram friend Baby Dear's tattoos. I've seen so many tattoos that attempt to be sweet, but in the end they turn out harsh and odd looking. At the opposite end of the spectrum are Baby Dear's tattoos. She got them just right. Exactly as sweet as the elements that inspired them. Big kudos to her tattooer.

Perfect pink heart doilies for serving up sweet treats...or even for crafting, art journaling, or whatever you can think of. I'm a huge fan of these!

Lastly,  to say that these Italian Thumbprint Cookies are so up my alley is a gross understatement. I am a huge pistachio fan! Now mix the pistachio with vanilla bean, strawberry preserves, and white chocolate, and you've got yourself treasure for the tastebuds. I am totally making these! 

Ok, that's it for today. I'm so thrilled that you guys took the time to check out some of my faves on this lovey dovey Friday. Me and Aar send big love and hugs to you and yours!
xo, Jenny...and Aaron says hi!


  1. Hi Jenny (and Aaron!) - YOU are the cutest thing...ever! I absolutely love & adore your sweet blog - and I can't wait to do more exploring. All of your colors and icons are so soothing and...and...just so stinkin' cute! I normally don't fawn all over blogs, but I can't help it with yours. You totally need to move into the pink house - it looks like you. Your pink hair looks natural - I can't imagine you with brown or blonde hair. I swear, I'm not a just looks like you guys have such a fun life! It's so fun to be a part of your fun - thanks for sharing all your greatness! xx

  2. I love these inspirations! Especially the paper hearts, just adorable. Thanks for sharing, P x

  3. beautiful and inspiring collection ! <3


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