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This was one of those-blink and you might miss it-weeks. We just had so many things happening here at home that it all just blurred together. And honestly, I want these weeks to fly by. Whatever it takes to make Springtime arrive sooner is OK in my book! We've got all sorts of home re-decorating projects happening and a few things are being delayed due to weather. We need a very leaky roof fixed and also need to do a whole bunch of sanding, staining, and painting...and all of these things will be much easier to accomplish in the Springtime. We'll be able to open up all the windows and work work work. Can't wait! Ha!
Anyway...recently, me and Aaron have been steadily building up a whole lotta inspiration for the approaching new season. If you're creative in any way I highly recommend this. Grab as much inspiration for Spring as you can...go nuts on Pinterest, or maybe even cut out and paste pics, paint chips, fabric swatches, etc, into a scrapbook. New decorating ideas, future art projects, maybe even your dream new wardrobe. Anyway...doing things like this will take the edge off of the tail end of this long lingering miserably cold winter. Hopefully! :)  
Well, like I said...the week flew by...and it's Friday! Which is always a good day...and doubly good because I get to share some of my current faves and raves with you guys. And you better believe that when I saw these tiny cakes I swooned. adorbs!

The gal Tiffanie, who is behind these pinata cakesmade them using a donut pan, and you simply must check out her blog for the rest of the details. So adorable!

And then...there are these!!

They are the wonderful work of artist Cathy Cullis. I have so many collections, and it would be impossible to choose a favorite among them, but folk art dolls are way at the top of the list. And the creations of Cathy Cullis are always perfect. And she's great at whatever medium she chooses to work in. She recently blogged some of her sketches that she rendered on paper using pretty much just two colors per page, and they are stunning. Make sure you visit her blog too. But for now...just look at these little gals! 

I adore everything about this! The tiled wall, the font, the mosaic flooring, the simple classic seating, and the bare bones lighting. It's Fabrique Bakery in London. Being that we're currently fully immersed in our own kitchen makeover I've been looking at lots and lots of great interiors like this.

I LOVE this painting by Bernard Cathelin. This would be utterly perfect in our bedroom, which is pretty spare, subdued, and overall it has a very calm feel. Just like this fab painting.

I can look at shots like this one of New York City 1971 all day long. Besides the nostalgia it conjures, just look at that color! Well, it's the subtle gradation of color that really gets me. I feel like every single tone on the gray scale is represented.  

I absolutely love this simple, pretty make up for Dolce & Gabbana spring 2014. Nothing flashy, nothing heavy...just luminous skin, golden lids, and flushed cheeks. Beautiful.

Ok, I could play this video all day, all week, all year. It's a tiny island in Japan that was a secret military base back in WWII. Since then I'd say that the island inhabitants have drastically changed...from soldiers to BUNNIES. And jeez, these are bunnies that'll come right up to you to get fed. This looks a whole lot like heaven to me. Is there anything more magical than a bunny stampede? 

And lastly, there is This! ha! Unfortunately we all can identify with this more than we'd like to admit. Me and Aaron are both guilty of it. Recently we've fought those long workday hunger demons with just a tiny nibble or two from a bar of very dark chocolate. Works wonders. 
But still...this shirt rules!

Ok, that wraps up another fab Friday! Me and Aar are gonna chip away at some more painting in the kitchen. And how are you guys spending your Friday night?!
Thanks for reading! 
xo, Jenny...and Aaron says hi!


  1. Hi Jenny,

    I saw this on another site I follow regularly and saw this and thought you might like/love it. There are elements of it that remind me of you and Aaron's work.

    Take Care. :-)

  2. So many great things in your post. Those cakes look so fun and who can ever get enough of Cathy Cullis! As much as I love wildlife, I do think that getting mobbed by bunnies would freak me out a bit. I wouldn't want to get bit in the frenzy!

  3. Thank you for sharing my piñata cakes. Your blog is really lovely! :)

  4. I love the pinata cake! And I definitely need that t-shirt... :)

    xox Sammi


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