I see a white wall and I want to paint it black

This week is off to a pretty busy start. We've got so many things going on at once, so why not throw one more thing on our plate? AmIright? 
And you know how it goes with painting...paint one thing and then everything else is crying out to be painted too. We are determined to get the kitchen/dining and living room finished by Spring. Of course there will always be little things to do...anything you love should be a work in progress. But we're aiming at getting the big stuff done...walls, moldings, floors, ceiling, lighting...that stuff. 
While going through a box this weekend I came across one of my old inspiration scrapbooks. Back from the days before Pinterest. It's not exactly an art journal but I would add paint to the pages, and sketch renderings of rooms if necessary. But mostly it's clippings and pasted-in ideas and vibes for rooms. This one above is probably from 2007 or 2008. Its funny to see that my style, color palette and overall vibe hasn't changed all that much. I always loved a great dose of black mixed in with my pastels. A lot like the ever present black and white tiled floor and fixtures in old timey candy shoppes. I had posted a few pics of what we've got cookin' in the kitchen on Instagram and I got some comments of surprise that me the pastel girl would go black! But in reality, black features pretty heavily in my life. 

I pretty much only wear black, and wear black nail polish most of the year. But then I have my pink hair so that my love of pastels is always with me. 
Maybe the first time we did black walls was in one of our early apartments, probably more than a dozen years ago, we painted a hallway black and then hand painted big pale pink cabbage roses all over like a fabric pattern. It was inspired by vintage barkcloth and my perennial favorite Betsey Johnson. To me it looked like the worlds most perfect wallpaper. 

Black just makes the pastel things prettier. This is a blast from the past...back when we had a furniture collection. This was a large half round table called Everything's Rosey. Maybe my favorite in the collection...and apparently a customer fave too. We made so many of these. My dad built them and we painted them. Tons of very technical work for everyone involved.  

We've also been using black for years in our various styles of menu boards.

We love the way black actually makes sweet things sweeter. When we paint this piece we always do the cakes and cupcakes in the foreground before adding the black background, and it's amazing how much the look of everything just changes the instant the black is added.

We've had chalkboard doors for a few years and love them. A great place for writing to-do lists. Oh and while I'm sharing the above pic, I figured I'd link to our tutorial for those who had recently asked where to buy the wallpaper. It is actually hand painted and we blogged a tutorial a while back. It really looks harder than it is. Seriously, once you've traced the motifs on the hand painting is really basic.

 This pic is definitely a big inspiration for our kitchen. I love the professional culinary feel of it. We love cooking and all of our utensils and containers are pretty much only stainless steel, wood, and glass.  

I love this styling. I love the natural feel of it. The textures, glass, cream crockery, wood spoons...and the way everything looks set against black is so classic.

So we picked up some black paint...it is indeed chalkboard paint. We love the matte black look...and if we feel like doing some doodling the option is always there!

We loved it as soon as we rolled it on! It is dramatic, classic, and modern all at the same time. A bit of masculine structure to balance the sweet accessories.

Sweet accessories such as these! The second the wall was semi-dry I slid the table back in place just so I could set up some of these sweet things in front. It just made me so happy! It totally works for us! And we are so so excited to finish the room! 

We are working on picking the paint for the rest of the kitchen. Something warm but not too dark. Not mocha, but not too yellow either. Its funny how choosing a pink or an aqua is so easy for us. We instinctively know exactly what we want, but neutrals are a bit more tricky. 

Another thing we are really looking forward to is hanging art work and unpacking some of our collections to finally display. We had an old cupboard that we had used in the bathroom that was begging to be upcycled. So it too got a coat of black and a neutral grey/tan inside. Then some slight distressing, and we're papering the back wall of it with one of our favorite vintage wallpapers. Again, we wanted to keep it neutral and antique...and let our sweet pastel collections speak for themselves.  

So here we are...chipping away while working on orders and other projects. Of course we wish it could happen overnight or at least over a weekend...but that's life. We're looking forward to sharing the ongoing progress with you guys!

Thanks for popping in!
xo Jenny...and Aaron says hi!


  1. Girlllllll you are braver than me ... I painted my son's room RED once (he is a HUGE Dale Jr. fan ... and at the time his car was red...) and I hated it when it was done ... always made me think the room looked smaller ... but with pastels against ... I can totally see black working! :)

    1. Ha!! you are so funny! We've had dark pink walls years ago...in our first apt. I know what you mean. The black feels right to us....but again, it's just paint. And it is chalkboard paint , so it also makes things fun. Can't wait to share pics of it finished. xo

  2. Awesome I can not wait to see it done! Grace

  3. I would LOOOOOVE to see a pic of what that hallway with black walls and pink roses looked like!

    1. oooh I wonder if I still have any. We lost a lot of old photos to the flooding during Hurricane Sandy, but If I find any I'll be sure to share. : ) Thanks!

  4. Hi Jenny!! I would LOVE to have a chalkboard wall! Maybe someday when we buy our own house. It looks great! Can't wait to see it all decorated!
    Michelle xoxo

    1. Are you not able to paint in your rental? Even if you paint it back to white? That is what we did when we rented. For all the enjoyment, it is worth the day or two it will take to repaint...well that is how we saw it. :) We love the chalk wall! Thanks so much for popping in Michelle! xo

  5. Wow! I love the way the black looks on the wall! And the fact that's it's chalkboard paint makes it so much cooler!

    1. Thanks bunches! Yeah, we really love it! And cannot wait till everything is finished, to see it all tied together! :)

  6. I love your black wall. I can't wait to see it all decorated up. I'm inspired to do a wall of my own. Love Love.


    1. Thanks!! It's coming along! We love the black! So happy we did it! Slowly but surely things are coming together! We are painting the kitchen this weekend! :) Thanks for visiting and following along!! :) xo


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