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Since my last post about all of the goodies I found on my recent trip to Target I've been chatting up a storm with a whole bunch of Everyday is a Holiday readers. Right after reading my post so many peeps actually ran out and cleared the shelves of their local Target! I think the chairs were probably the biggest hit of all. It really is remarkable how much great stuff Target has for all of us like minded folks right now. Someone suggested to me that Target may have a spy reading this blog who took detailed notes on our shared tastes and passed the info on to the Target merch buyers. Ha! 
Anyway, it's Friday again and that means it's time to give some more fodder to any potential spies. ;)

There's no better way to kick it off than with this beautiful Lemon Raspberry Cake recipe from Naturally Ella. Oh my gosh would this be lovely right now. 

I am in love with these hand dyed organic cotton undies. They're sewn in Austin TX  by Katastrophic Design. I feel like they work perfectly with my decor...heck, they even resemble desserts that I would like. And those are both pretty weird ways of considering what type of underwear you like...if I didn't know myself better I'd think it sounded pretty darn OCD. I'm imagining a severely obsessive gal who will only wear underwear that must not only matches her curtains, but also the buttercream frosted cupcakes she eats every single night at 7:34 sharp. No, but seriously...I think it makes perfect sense that my aesthetic tastes are the same all the way across the board...from cakes to tables to underwear. Ha! And these look good and totally girly but without being too frilly. They still seem like they'd be comfy. They just may be the perfect undies. They are now on my wish list. 

I love this sweet little Bunny Bag created by Danielle Flanders. It is just so beyond cute. I want to throw a party, or at least invite myself to someone's Springtime party...and arrive with a dozen of these, filled with sweet treats and little gifts. They would be the party favor to end all party favors. 

I adore this blanket by House Of Rym. It's the "Heavenly Honeycomb" pattern in Rose. It's just so classic and beautiful. Once again, there's never a separation for me when it comes to the things I love. Decor or's all the same to me. I'd totally wear this blanket if it was a skirt, or jacket, or purse.  And honestly, I adore so so much From House of Rym. 

 I just love this portrait. I came across it on Pinterest. This gorgeous gal is a beauty blogger by the name of Victoria and her faded mauvey pink hair and make up is pure perfection. Total eye candy right? 

This rack is just beyond dreamy. (When I showed this pic to Aaron he did his best impression of a manly man, and said "nice rack.")...ha! But in reality he'd say "All of those pastels and sheers are nearly the same exact tones as those on vintage paper mache rabbits, or buttercream cake frosting, or macarons, or petit fours...etc...and so on" ha! 

I am a sucker for pretty packages. I buy wrapping paper without any party or gift in mind. First's always good to have a big selection on hand for art projects...and second, I am Always prepared when a holiday or birthday pops up. I love being able to just pick through my wrapping paper stash and select the right paper for the occasion at hand. 
And I'll never run out of ideas for creative ways to wrap packages. There are so many beautiful design concepts out there by talented and tireless souls. Much like these printable Spring gift tags from Lia Griffith! They are just so pretty! And look at them adorning these pretty parcels. 

Ok, I'm thrilled to once again share my faves with you! Thanks so much for reading!
xo, Jenny


  1. I bought two of the turquoise chairs today. The chairs will work well with my other folding metal pink from IKEA and some vintage ones that are a wonderful green. I was disappointed not to find turquoise paper clips. I am sure Target had a run on some of those goodies you mentioned. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Oh, wow, that pastel hair on Victoria is whoa gorgeous! I've totally got to follow her blog now.

    I have to agree I LOVE Target...there's always something cute there... I've got to go check out your other posts about Target now. I love those pastel colors...ah, pastels always make me happy.

    Have a super sweet weekend Jenny and Aaron!

    ♡ Regina ♡
    Margarita Bloom: Retro Modern Beauty & Skincare

  3. as always, friday favourites are the best <33

    weirdoland -

  4. I actually grabbed two of the chairs from Target yesterday for my patio!!! They were riding happily in my cart when a woman commented on them and asked where I found them!!!

  5. i love target, those pictures are all gorgeous - have followed the blogger, victoria thanks for idea :)

  6. All of your Friday faves are wonderful, as always! My fave is the pretty undies! Love!!!


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