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Is it Friday already?! Wow, sometimes the weeks just fly by. This week is a special one for me...and for anyone else out there who is just so darn sick of Winter. Yep, Spring officially began this week! Of course you'd never know it unless you were told...the weather is the same as it was last week...cold and grey. But I'm hopeful that it will change sooner rather than later. All the home projects we've got going on will transition nicely into Spring cleaning...and within a few weeks we'll have a redecorated and reorganized home, and the curtains will be fluttering in the warm sunny breeze. I can't wait! But lets not get ahead of ourselves...there is work still to be done. At the moment me and Aaron are taking a tiny break from painting, and I thought this would be the perfect time to share my Friday Faves with you all. 

So lets start with these great looking bars of soap. I'm an absolute sucker for beautiful packaging. These pastel wrapped  Barr-Co Soaps  are just so classic. The type face brings to mind an old fashioned pharmacy, and the classic printing combined with the lovely colors is so pretty, yet not too girly. 

Theses three bars would look very happy in our Salt Water Taffy striped bathroom.  
 They're made in small batches by a husband and wife team, and they feature ingredients like oatmeal, shea butter, vitamin E...
When I read that the "Marine" scent is "evocative of flowers growing near the seashore" I was sold!

I nearly spit my seltzer when I came across this Sweatshirt. I know that me and Aaron are prime candidates to wear this shirt. And we've got many artsy friends who can totally wear this shirt and the statement would be very accurate! ha!

How beautiful is this rug? My gosh. It's the Chanda rug from AnthroplogieEverything about it works for me...color, pattern, style...wait, I lied when I said every thing works. The PRICE maybe doesn't work for me. Well, for the size you see above the price doesn't work. But...

...take a look at it in 2' x 3'. It's way more gentle on the wallet. And it's SO cute! 

This is one of the cutest littlest tutorials ever! What a perfect tiny lamp! And it totally reminds me of a real life human sized lamp that I love from Land of Nod. But I'm not sure if I have the right spot in my home for the real life lamp...seriously, I can make this tiny version to tide me over.

I Love the idea of wax sealed letters. Of course my mind instantly goes into Game of Thrones mode when I see a wax sealed envelope. Those medievals had such garish and strong design sensibilities though. My personal seal would be a cute one like this Dandelion Gold Plated Wax Seal Stamp from Back to Zero on Etsy. 

Like I said, Spring has officially arrived, but apparently Mother Nature didn't get the memo. I'm dreaming of warmer weather for all sorts of reasons. One of those reasons is the change of menu. I don't know about you guys, but me and Aaron like to eat things that are evocative of the current season.  These mini lemon meringue pies are adorable and exactly what I am craving right now. They're bright & sweet, and I bet they taste like citrus & sunshine. 

And last but certainly not least...This adorableness that you are viewing is courtesy of my sweet friend Kate from Scathingly Brilliant. Yep, these are just a couple of pics from her kitchen make over tour! Can you even handle this girl?! This was a 100% "normal" kitchen before Kate got her hands on it. 

You gotta check out her blog post featuring this makeover. You won't believe it when you see the Before pic. And we are so delighted to see our Ice Cream Cone diecut hanging in such a place of honor. We love Kate and we're constantly amazed at her ability to make everything in her life so darn scathingly brilliant!

Ok, thanks again for checking out my Friday Favorites. My break time is over...there is a can of paint calling my name. I hope your weekend is off to a fabulous start!
xo, Jenny...and Aaron says hi!


  1. EEEKKKKKK! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that kitchen!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love your picks! I would so wear that sweatshirt.

    Side note: I spotted this bunny jar at World Market last night and thought of you:

  3. I love that brand on the soap! They're graphic design is so gorgeous. :) Cute blog! Inspires me to keep making!

  4. Wonderful finds! Mmm, those lemon tarts look yummy!!
    ♡ Regina ♡
    Margarita Bloom: Retro Modern Beauty & Skincare

  5. Those soaps look great! We just switched over from liquid hand soap to bars, so I need pretty things to leave on the counter :)

    The wax seal made me think of GoT too. Haha. Pat suggested we watch it, and I suggested he covers my eyes anytime something gross happens.

    I can't wait to see your finished kitchen :)

  6. Love that soap! And I'm pretty sure I need to get that sweatshirt for my oldest daughter!


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