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Hello everyone! Just wanted to pop in on this fantastic Saturday to kinda sum up the week over here. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and we're possibly going to head to the boardwalk. We've got more warm weather in store for the next couple days so we're definitely gonna try to get outside. A highlight of this past week was the arrival of my new favorite shirt, seen above. If it looks familiar , it was a Friday Favorite a few weeks ago. When I said I needed it...I really meant it. It most certainly is a fitting phrase for myself. And its super comfy. A few gals told me they'd love to get one for themselves. Word to the runs a bit big and is a loose fit. So make sure to check the sizing guide before ordering. 

So this has been the scene over here the past few days. Lots of orders have gone out to happy new homes. All sorts of things! prints, stickers, plaques, signs, diecuts... nothing makes us happier! This stage of progress that you see above is the moment right before we start to fill the boxes. This is our time to double check everything all at once.

Wrapping orders up is seriously a favorite thing. Everything gets wrapped in pink and tied with baker's twine. We had to do the wrapping on the kitchen table due to every other surface in the house being taken. We had signs and diecuts drying on any flat space we could find.

I snapped this pic of Aaron to show just how big our larger prints are. We offer our prints in a few sizes, the 8x10 within an 11x14 mat is the most popular, but these large prints are great as a statement piece. A perfect way to really establish a theme for a room, or a bakery, or for a kid's room. The large print is 11 x 14 and fits a 16 x 20 frame. And definitely, the vintage pink mixer you see above is a customer fave! 

And guess what!?  Our "The Sweet Life" order arrived the other day and everything is now listed in the shop! Quantities are limited and we've already sold a bunch, so if you've been waiting...grab some goodies now! The resin pieces are so great! So fun seeing our paintings in this form! So many possibilities! And the 6 x 6 paper pads are too cute for words! And don't get me started on the treat bags or journaling cards! ha! I love it all I guess!

The windows were actually open today. Which is such a welcomed change form the past few cold days. Today the sun was shining bright and it made the workday way more pleasant. I like to be able to bounce around from project to project. So while orders dried I worked on a few personal projects. Including these collaged stacking stools that I started about 4 years ago! ha! I just set them aside for some reason and only now have I decided to get them finished up. Better late than never right?  I'll share pics of them when I finish them completely. Hopefully it wont take another few years.

And due to the sunshine outside Aaron got to do lots of cutting out on the deck. This is our trusty scroll saw which is responsible for the precision cutting of our diecuts.

Here we have an ice cream cone, an extract bottle, a cupcake, and a plate of cupcakes. We love working with wood! I grew up in my father's wood shop, so sawdust is in my blood.

We took a break from working to make one of our favorite meals. We call it the Harissa bowl. We got the idea from Sarah over at House in the Hills. It is so incredibly delicious. In this bowl are roasted sweet potatoes, carrots, and cauliflower that get tossed in Harissa spices before roasting. The roasted veggies are then served over coconut basmati rice with currants. Add a side of sautéed lime spinach, top with avocado, and yummmmmm. The balance of flavors and texture is so comforting. You won't believe that something so tasty can be so good for you. 

And finally...a pic of these two little nuts just for the heck of it. Jack's little "hand" get's raised if he's asking you for something. And I think Carlos has a perpetually blurred tail! ha! 

I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far! We may pop in tomorrow to say hi, but if not...Happy Easter friends!

xo Jenny...& Aaron says hi! 


  1. I would like to get that shirt too! That's what my bf always teasing me that I'm weird!

  2. Love the shirt! Love the hair! Love the work, as ever. :D

  3. I love to see offline pictures, that's great you are working hard, I also enjoy tons packing :) And yeah I gotta say that shirt is pretty awesome and fits perfectly in my mind!! Feeling weird is feeling different and that's how we get changes, imagine everybody "normal"? boooooring

  4. Great pics as usual Jenny. Hope you were able to enjoy this gorgeous weather! I remember seeing this shirt previously but now I want it too. :)


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