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This pic kinda says it all. Sunny pleasant day...and yeah, this is Jack's demeanor out in the sun. He's a basker. The eyes slowly close until he appears to be asleep on his feet. 
You may be wondering why we favor one chihuahua over the other when it comes to picture taking...well, it's no fault of mine!...Carlos just so happens to never ever stand still. While this pic was being taken I believe Carlos was investigating Walt's kayak over in the corner of the yard.
Beautiful day...warmer outside than inside. Which is a very big, and very welcome change for us. 

So the mail man was bearing joyful tidings this week. Two packages that I've been eagerly awaiting arrived on my doorstep. The first being this super cute tote bag from our talented friends Beca & Doug over at Tumbleweeds Handcraft. It's a collaboration with Screenprint artist Strawberry Moth. I Love it. And the awesome wood burned coasters are perfect. I believe that this tote will be traveling to Memphis with me next week. 

And Oh. my. gosh. I have been patiently waiting since January for this Astral Crown from the sweet and talented Sue at Giant Dwarf. Sue is retiring all of her trademark glass glitter star headbands and crowns. When she announced this news she received over 500 orders! I am so happy I was able to get some golden stars! 
And she was so sweet to include this lovely red glitter heart brooch. I love them both so much! With these awesome items being subtracted from Sue's repertoire I cannot wait to see what she creatively graces us with next!

This has been the daily scene around here. The two of us packing up lots of The Sweet Life orders! We shipped a bunch yesterday and more will ship tomorrow! Thank you very very much if you placed an order! We are so excited to see what everyone creates with the collection! 

Would you look at this! We pretty much assaulted the craft store gearing up for our trip to Memphis. We shipped all of this and so much more down to Dixie today! The boxes weighed a ton. We are SO EXCITED for Art is...You! So crazy to think that in less than 5 days we will be in Memphis, TN! We cannot wait to make art with everyone. And it will be amazing to see old friends and make new ones! 

When we were picking up supplies for the trip we hit the dollar bins at Michael's and found these adorable little macaron notecards. I couldn't pass them up!

So you know that we love to cook, and we love to try lots of new recipes. We just really love to mix up the menu...try new flavors and spices. We do a lot of meals that include a bed of fresh greens...which are very saladesque...but do much more than salad. Our favorite part is making homemade dressing.
Well tonight we tried out a recipe for a Macro bowl that we had come across on pinterest. We can think back to being in NYC a whole lot about a decade ago when the macrobiotic thing was hitting hard and there were new restaurants opening up all over the city...many of them riding the wave of Gwyneth Paltrow, who was all about the macrobiotic diet. We've tried a few macro bowls over the years at veg restaurants, but we haven't made any at home. So this Vegan Macro Bowl was a great start!
We both love tempeh. It is sooo darn delicious! If you aren't familiar with's a vegetable based protein but isn't like tofu which is kinda soft and pillowy. Tempeh is made of grains and is firmer and sautés very nicely. It can be marinaded, and man does it get nice and crispy in a skillet. In this recipe it comes out perfectly glazed and caramelized on the outside.

Then there is brown rice and white beans that are tossed with nutritional yeast, which gives them an awesomely cheesy flavor. There are shiitake mushrooms...and I'm not a fan of mushrooms usually...but in this dish the flavor works so well. Jeeez, there's so much good stuff...kale, sprouts, broccoli, a deeelish homemade tahini maple dressing, a satsuma laid on top for a sweet contrast, and sauerkraut...which Makes it. And when sauerkraut is done right...meaning raw and without's  far from being just a hot dog topping. It's actually a probiotic, it's got cancer fighting properties, and its loaded with vitamin C.

It was one of those meals that made both me and Aaron stop and say "seriously?...we can eat this good whenever we want?" I totally recommend this recipe for anyone who wants to eat dinner and then walk around the house feeling energized and ready for round two.
And it was fun to cook together. 

How is tomorrow Friday?! No...!
well, regardless...I hope yours is fabulous!

Thanks for popping in! 
xo Jenny & Aaron


  1. You have been busy!! Loving the fur baby photo!!!

  2. Wow! The food sounds incredible!thank you for sharing.


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