Friday Favorites

A great friday so far! We shipped a ton of orders this morning, came home and had a great lunch, sat outside with the pups for a spell, and for the rest of the afternoon and evening we worked on some last minute class details for our teaching trip down to Memphis for Art is...You next week. We are still sorta calm...the crazy running around hasn't happened yet. Since we leave Tuesday morning I think by Monday we should be in full crazy mode. It's not that we're unprepared...we just always THINK that we are. But seriously, I can't wait to get down there. Recluses like us need a change of scenery every once in a while.
Ok, now for the Favorites...I just adore this cape! so darling! It's got a story book feel, and is maybe a bit goth, maybe even a bit cuddly yet chic grandma, if that makes any sense.
  It's actually an antique pattern, and you can find it for free over on Ravelry! I am so so jelly of you that can crochet! My skills are largely paint based. 

And while we are talking cute clothes...this outfit is adorable! Yes, we should be thinking about lighter weight Spring clothing...sun dresses and all that. But it's still chilly here in Jersey, so I would have been totally comfortable in this outfit today. I love the color scheme, and I'm a sucker for a cute collar! 

We actually own this clock! And love love love it! It might look like a pocket watch in this context...but in reality, it's BIG! 

Here it is in better context. This pic was taken when we had just painted our kitchen and everything was still waiting to be hung. Now the clock is up on the kitchen wall and we'll be sharing more pics of the room soon! I had to jump the gun and share it now since it is just so so cute! I thought some of our aqua/vintage loving friends might love it too!

I really love this Tray from Dot & Bo. I'm a sucker for fab typography. We have been on the lookout for a tray for the living room and this is perfect...both in aesthetic and meaning. 

And would you look at this adorable DIY bunny tote bag from Jene at Wear The Canvas! The steps seem fairly simple and I just feel like it makes such a bold statement in a very understated way...which is totally a contradiction...but I think you know what I mean.

Some more typography to love. This is from Jason Vandenberg. Again, aesthetically it's gorgeous...and right now it's my goal in life to live by these words. Every Spring me and Aaron try our best to reawaken the muse and squeeze the most out of these glorious warm days.

Isn't this flooring just so fantastic?! I just love how it goes from classic and rustic, and then deconstructs into a more modern graphic pattern. It's a combination of wood and ceramic! Pop over to Decor8 to see more of this trend. 

This Ice Cream Wristlet is amazing. It's from my perpetual fave Betsey Johnson and it's available on the fabulous Shop Bananas! I love 'em both but I'd def go with the aqua one. I can't say it enough...I LOVE mixing pretty pastels with gold. So perfect!

Ok, gonna get back to some more organizing for our big trip. Pulling sorta a late night...gotta "Earn my Sleep!"

Have a fantastic weekend!
xo, Jenny...& Aaron says hi!


  1. That bunny tote is just adorable, I absolutely love it! As for those ridiculously cute ice cream purses, well I think every girl should own one. ;) x

  2. OMG that bunny tote! And those ice cream purses!!! ok Toni-Louise knows what im talking about :p I just got in touch with you via your contact form. I hope it reaches you xo.

  3. I seriously love this whole list!


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