These kids are ready to go!

Umm you see these two kids?...crazy beard and myself...well these two are actually ready to go. Yes, it's very rare for us to not be rushing around before a trip out of town. But this time we planned well I guess. Plus it's Springtime...and everything works better in Springtime. And for the Spring sunshine I've got a fresh pair of new sunnies...which I just adore. They say "Cross My Heart Hope To Die Stick A Needle In My Eye". I Totally remember saying that as a second grader on the playground. I saw these about 6 months ago on a fashion blog and was searching all over for them. Then one day I was very psyched to see them pop up on Instagram. There's a few color ways and they're available in the Lucky Cupcake Hairclips shop. Get 'em while you can!

So, we're leaving in the morning for our teaching trip down to Art is...You in Memphis. And right up to the last possible shipping day we had been working like mad to get out as many orders as possible before we left. Well, we are pretty happy with the amount of boxes that shipped. Very heavy towering loads went to the post office all week. We took the above pic just before our trip to the p.o. on Friday. We walked there since the weather was nice and Aar's shoulders ached from the weight of the boxes. One thing that rules is that the boxes that we shipped down to Memphis have arrived there safely. They're full of our class supplies and samples. Irreplaceable stuff. As teachers it can be pretty nerve racking when shipping all that important stuff.  

I can't believe we are officially all packed. I have lists of lists. And then more lists telling me to look at those other lists...(not kidding). And even with all those precautions in place I still have that feeling that I'll be forgetting something major. And by the way, Aaron's suitcase looks like he packed the same clothes as me, minus the leopard print.

We are so so excited for our classes. It is going to be so much fun! We worked on some step by step samples of cute girl faces that each fellow artist can use as a starting point for their own mixed media piece.

It is going to be so much fun seeing this template in the hands of each student. Of course no two paintings will be the same...and I'm not just talking about hair color choices. Each painter wields their paint in their own way. What we did here was try to break a girl portrait down to simple steps. This girl will be for a smaller warm up canvas. And then we'll all move on to a larger mixed media piece with all sorts of layers and texture. 

And here is another version of the same gal...but a bit outside of our natural color palette. After class we plan on abandoning her somewhere in the hotel. I know...that sounds much more cruel than it is. We're abandoning her as part of Michael DeMeng's awesome Art Abandonment movement. It's easy, just make art and then leave it somewhere so that a new owner can find it and keep it. Just include a little note letting the finder know that it's theirs to keep and maybe put your email in there so they can contact you if they want. I wonder who is gonna find her?

We even had time to make these pretty girl brooches for a couple of very special gals. These gifts are only a drop in the bucket of what these gals deserve for their friendship and dedication to the art community. We love them!!

It really does feel like I'm forgetting something even though the house is clean, the bags are packed, and the lists are checked and rechecked.  But I'm pretty sure we're all good.
And after checking everything off the lists we made an early dinner that was amazing! So light and healthy and energizing. We made the  Nourish + Glow Miracle Bowl from Oh She Glows. Besides being vegan, raw, and packed with veggies, it's also got a homemade sun dried tomato hummus, a faux tuna salad that's actually made with almonds, and a creamy lemon dill dressing...and the "cream" is actually cashews that were soaked and blended smooth. Wow is the dressing good! Fresh dill smells so amazing. And then we topped the bowl with pepita and hemp seeds. We love so many of the recipes from Oh She Glows. 

To wind down the rest of the night we're going to watch maybe 2 or 3 episodes of True Blood. Then we'll be up early for our flight. We promise to take lots of pics, and we will do our best to pop in here or facebook, and definitely Instagram! 

Cannot wait to see our Art Is...You friends and family!

xo Jenny & Aaron 


  1. Hi there! Hope you're having a great trip! Just wanted to let you know I nominated your blog for a Shine On award,
    I know you might be too busy to participate, that's okay, just wanted to share your blog! :)

  2. I love your blog so much! I just got turned on to it by Debi's Diary on YouTube and scathingly brilliant and now I'm about to pick up your book. I'm obsessed now! I'd love it if you could do a tutorial on your cute girl brooches- I'd like to make my own!


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