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We had been locked into a pretty tight schedule for the past week and really couldn't find the time to run our usual errands. So this morning we decided to take a trip to Target, which is a great store to hit if you want to do all of your shopping under one roof. Aaron got some tshirts, we got some dog stuff for Carlos, make-up, and a whole bunch of groceries. 
Before we left I realized that I had not yet posted a pic since touching up my hair color. I shared a pic on Instagram the other day showing my hair dye pink, one lavender. I figured I could mix the colors to get the exact shade of pink I was looking for.
 Right before me and Aaron left for Target I snapped this Ussie. I definitely like the new shade. It's not a drastic change but I can see it.

I've had pink hair for years. I've tried many many brands and shades. I was platinum blonde forever before going pink, so I was already used to bleaching. I like my pink to be very pale, but there aren't any great straight from the bottle pale pink dyes. So I often will mix a magenta type pink with conditioner to dilute the color. 
I was very happy to find this new dye color at Sally Beauty Supply. The shade is Rose, and the brand is Ion (Color Brilliance). I had used it last month as well, but this month I decided to pick up a tube of Lavender to mix with the Rose. It was exactly like mixing paint. I got the tone I was looking for...making sure to go with a cooler shade, that way the finished product wouldn't have any peachy tones.  
Well, I'm very happy with the outcome you see in the above pic.
I know that in my last post I mentioned that we were having a 20% off sale in our shop...and that the sale code was PIZZAPARTY. But I forgot to actually share our brand new pizza slice diecuts. I had shared them on Instagram and Facebook, and totally thought I shared them here on the blog as well. We've been super busy working on brand new die cuts. We now have macarons, pizza, doughnuts, bunny babies, and a couple new signs as well. The warm weather always gets our inspiration up.

 We offer the slices in plain and pepperoni! And Vegan options as well! (wink wink)

And ready for this... they come in real pizza parlor boxes! So fun right? 

And there is nothing more rewarding to an artist than when other people "get it". And when we went through our latest invoices we realized that tons of people "got it"! So many orders for our brand new designs. Above is just a portion of the die cuts we had to trace and cut out on the scroll saw.

Again, the weather was gorgeous, so Aaron did all of the wood cutting out on our sunny deck. It really was about two days straight of cutting and sanding. As you can see from the above pic...Aar was exhausted.

And today after we put away our groceries and stuff that we got at Target, we decided that it would be an absolute crime not to go out and enjoy the weather. If not for our own good...then at least for the sake of our little old man Carlos. He's been craving a trip up to the beach. 

It was PERFECT weather. There were people swimming all up and down the shore.

I put my feet in the water and it was CHILLY!

Carlos also cooled his heels a few times in the waves. It was great...he'd stand there facing away from the water, and then a wave would sneak up on him and he'd scurry away.

He really loves it up on the beach. I feel like he's so distracted when we walk the neighborhood with sniffing every tree and bush in sight. On the beach he just hangs out.

Ok, just wanted to check in. Tonight True Blood returns for it's final season. We've got some organizing to do before then. And tomorrow it's back to our orders. We hope all of you guys are having a wonderful Sunday!

xo, Jenny & Aaron


  1. All of your die-cuts are cool!
    :) The new hair color looks nice! I would have never known that mixing the two would still give you a pink. Thank you for the tip!
    Staying outside, enjoying the weather when you run your own business is so important! <3 Thank you for sharing! :)

    1. Hey thanks so much!! As for mixing in the lavender...I only added about two teaspoons of it. It did the trick! :) And oh yeah... toootally necessary to get some air when you work for yourself. thanks so much for popping in!! Happy Summer!! xo

    2. Hi there! I always admire how dedicated you are to your work, each other and sweet Carlos! So good to see you enjoyed a well deserved beach break! Gotta take advantage of these delicious summer days while we can! XX

  2. I always love your hair! and the weather has been so great here.
    Hugz, Z

  3. i have always been a huge fan of your hair colour, it's gorgeous and suits you so well. Loved catching a glimpse into your life!

  4. Love that hair cut - wish I didn't have dark hair so I could do something like that!

  5. Jenny and Aaron! I know we never really stopped keeping touch (thank you, Facebook), but I missed being part of the blog world SO MUCH. I finally started a new blog at!! Wanted to say hi to two of my fave bloggers. :) Also, all of your beach pics make me super jealous. There are a lot of nice things about living in the Northwest, but I do wish we had warm beaches here! I guess I'll just have to visit sometime! ;)

  6. Wow that looks amazingly productive. Glad to see the warm weather is being enjoyed

  7. I am so in love with your hair and how fan-freaking-tastic those pizza slices are!


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