Friday Favorites…on a Saturday

It's Saturday already! This week flew by. We've been working like nuts over here on orders, as well as on some deadlines for some really exciting things that we will share soon. I think today we might take a trip to Target, just for whatev. And the trip will also give us a chance to try out our new carry bag for Lieutenant Dan. We've been testing him out in the bag at home and he seems to like it in there. He'll take an hour long nap in the bag no problem. So the real test is in seeing if he gets jumpy when seeing other shoppers at Target. We hope he just chills out after the initial bit of excitement. 

On another note…me and Aaron have been art journaling a lot more lately whenever we get free time. If you're a creative type I highly recommend art journaling to keep the art pipes flowing smoothly. For me and Aaron, art journaling is all about flushing out ideas, gathering inspiration, and trying out new styles. And being that it's all in the journal, there isn't any pressure. The art you work on in your journal doesn't have to ever be seen. And I'm big into just gathering imagery together that makes me happy. I make inspiration boards much like on Pinterest, but instead I've got all the stuff printed, cut out, and filed accordingly. And gathering the inspiration together has got me thinking about some of my fave things right now. I technically missed Friday Favorites…so I guess we'll call these Friday Favorites, A Day Late.

Starting off with this photo above! It just makes me so so happy. It's an Ice Cream cake from our friend Rosie aka Sweetapolita. Her color choices are always exactly what I want to see. Desserts like these are already over the top…but Rosie always manages to take them into Dreamland territory. I love the sprinkles! Perfect in every way! 

This may look like amazing wall paper, but it happens to be a wall of roses. Each is secured to the wall with craft pins. This would be so awesome for a Photo Booth backdrop at a wedding or party. And you could go with whatever color/flower theme you want. I was immediately grabbed by this combo…I love pale pink set against black. 

 I love Keiko Lynn's blog, and this conturing tutorial is really great. Excellent step by step process, and the end result isn't crazy dramatic.

I heart this sequin heart head band from . Shimmery gold is a mainstay in my wardrobe. It brings sparkle to my mostly black daily uniform…and when I wear pastel accents, the gold glimmer makes every color pop even more.

Speaking of pastel accents!!! I have been a fan of creepers since my teens. They are classics. This pair in mint has me swooning. I think I may have to pretend that it's time for back to school shopping, and pick myself up a pair. They are so so good, right?

Besides needing a little help in the vertical department, thick soles just look gooooood. They've got that Frankenstein feel…but in a fun way…like Herman Munster meets Betsey Johnson.

Ahhh I love this macaron pillow to bits! And I have a feeling Lieutenant Dan would be a big fan as well! But thinking of Dan using this as a tuffet is almost cute overload…we might break the meter. 

Adore this faceted lamp from Urban Outfitters. It's got that modern vintage appeal. I love to tie in geometric shapes with my more cottage style rustic pieces. Especially when it comes to lighting. This lamp just looks so aesthetically soothing. And it also comes in a lovely pale pink.

This is perfect. I know that Aaron would say that I am certainly one of the "people" that the sign is referring to. I'm betting many of you are one of those "people" as well. It's a gift and a curse…this sensitivity. Probably the same part of the brain that allows us to see all this pretty stuff so clearly, also lets the worry creep in. Ah well, I'd never trade it.

Ok, it'll soon be time to get Lt. Dan into his carry bag. Target here we come. I'll report back with any good finds. Thanks so much again for reading!

xo, Jenny…and Aaron says hi!


  1. Love love love all these beauties!
    The shoes are great! Such a nice color.
    That pillow is incredible.. I thought it was really a cookie at first lol
    Can't wait to see lieutenant Dan on it...
    Hope you found some neat stuff at target.

    1. Hey thanks so so much for popping in and taking the time to comment. The pillow has been sold out… hoping they restock! And yes.. I want those shoes badly! Lt Dan did great in his bag at Target! ha!

  2. Jenny, I saw today that you & Aaron will be in the next Art Journaling magazine! That just brings y'all up ANOTHER notch in my eyes. It's actually a little weird that I like your blog so much as we have such different tastes in so many things...(I'm a cat person who likes bright colors, from California, I hardly ever cook etc...) but I DO like to see things that make me look at the world from different angles and Y'all are STELLAR at that for me. Thank you!
    Keep it up

    1. Oh wow! Now where did you see that!? that may be the case… wink… but we haven't shared that info yet. Totally curious about where you saw it! And thank you very very much for the very kind words! So sweet of you! Do you ever attend Art Retreats? You should come to Art Is You!! so many kindred spirits! :) Thanks again! xo

  3. The macaron pillow is adorable!! You need it for sure! Lt. Dan sitting on it would be the cutest thing ever!! And that lamp...yes, it's perfect!
    Michelle xoxo

    1. Isn't it great!! I hope they restock it!! And yes… that lamp! I really don't have a spot for it…but boy do I love it! The pink version too! :) Thanks for popping in Michelle, it is always so so nice to see you here! xo

  4. You guys always find the cutest things! Did you see Heather of Sprinkle Bakes' new shop? The macaron pillow reminded me of that because she has macaron coin purses available. :) I'd love to see what you and Aaron have been journaling lately!

    1. Ohh thanks!! And yessss!! Super cute! Love the coin purses!! As for Art journaling, we'd really love to start the blog series up again. Working on some deadlines and projects, but soon!! Thanks for popping in! Hope you are having a great weekend! xoxo


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