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I wanted to start off this edition of Friday Favorites with the fantastic photography prints of Cassia Beck, mainly because they're just plain gorgeous. But I'm also particularly drawn to the above pic because of it's subject matter. Me and Aaron have countless memories of places exactly like this. From sprawling antique centers located in old downtown brick buildings, to tiny roadside junkshops just brimming with treasures, these places played a big role in our growth as artists, and totally brought us closer together as a couple. So many of our formative years as a couple were spent out on the road hunting for vintage finds in shops just like this all throughout New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.
A lot of people take a trip down memory lane when they walk into a vintage shop…the collectibles on the shelves might remind you of childhood…of a time when these items were new to you. Or maybe you'll nostalgically recall visits to grandma's house. But for me and Aaron, when we go antiquing, flea marketing, junking…seeing all that stuff and smelling those dusty corridors of junk, conjures up memories of our early years as a couple…searching for vintage treasure all over the tri-state area.
So yeah, in the book of Jenny & Aaron, junk shops are romantic places. Ha! 

But to get back to the work of Cassia Beck…wow, I just love everything about her entire catalogue of dreamy images.

So perfect.

This cake just got me. I've got so much love for the classic old fashioned Birthday Cake. We paint cakes daily. We decorate our home with cake imagery and faux cakes. We collect vintage birthday cards and party decorations. We love the packaging from vintage cake decorating kits. We've got stacks and stacks of vintage baking books...vintage photos of kids blowing out their birthday candles…
So just what is it that so strongly drives us toward cake??
I could probably go on for pages and pages. I could probably formulate an entire dissertation on why I love cake. 

But instead of all that…how about we just feast our eyes on this pic. Can you even handle what that frosting looks like?! And for the love of pete…it's got edible gold stars! 
My gosh, I'd love a piece right now!

Jeremy Scott always has fabulous tricks up his sleeve…and these Filigree Sunglasses illustrate that fact perfectly. 
This is the type of accessory that dictates your social calendar. I feel like you'd never sit at home doing nothing if you owned these. You'd feel absolutely compelled to make up any excuse to go out into the world just so that you could show up wearing these!

I adore everything about this! It's so up my alley. It feels like it's torn right from the pages of one of my Art Journals. I really love odd pairings and strange juxtapositions. And this image is full of them…Victorian revival interior-meets lavender and pink leisure suits-meets a trio of cute kitty cats.
These three are probably off for a romantic getaway at the Madonna Inn.

Besides just loving the overall feel of this image…with it's grainy Twilight Zone effect…I think I've got a nearly unhealthy connection to the sentiment of it's message. If I had a dime for every time I silently chanted this to myself…I'd probably be a zillionaire.

I die for the look of California Donuts. I just love these pastel glazed cuties…and tiny white nonpareils make everything better.  You must check out their feed on Instagram (@californiadonuts)!

They also offer personalized! Ahh!

I saw these today on my friend Amina's Instagram feed (@studiomucci) 

There are a lot of reasons to love southern California…and I think donuts are way at the top of that list of reasons. When me and Aaron fly out there to teach sometime in the near future, I think we'll build a couple of extra days into the trip, just for the purposes of donut sampling. 

Ok, now that I'm utterly and dangerously hungry, I think I'll sign off. Hope you enjoyed these Friday Faves! And oh boy…it's Labor Day Weekend! Try to get out and have some end of summer fun!

xo, Jenny…and Aaron says hi!


  1. Everything in your Friday Fave list is fabulous, as always! Sigh.... Thanks for the eye candy.
    Michelle xoxo

    1. You are such a sweetie Michelle. Thanks so much. Happy to share! Have a great holiday weekend! xo

  2. I live in Los Angeles and hadn't heard about California Donuts until this

    1. As soon as I saw their instagram pics I was in love! The letter donuts are adorable!! Go! Eat one for me!! Xo

  3. As always loving your Friday Faves sweetie! OMG, I want those California Donuts. Wish I lived there..I'd be heading over there right now for a pink donut and the fruit loop one! Yum!! I've been in love with that Lanes Patisserie photo for, I know who took it! Dreamy photos. And THAT cake...Golden Little Stars too. Perfect.

    ♡ Regina ♡
    Margarita Bloom: Beauty & Fashion
    Blog / Facebook / Bloglovin

    1. Hey! Thanks so much! I knowww they look so pretty and yummy!! And yes me too! I think i favorited that Patisserie photo on flickr about 6 yrs ago! All of her work is gorgeous! Happy Weekend! 💕 Xo

  4. Me too! I live in LA also.Totally neeeding these donuts. Love your blog truly,and your art...I love how in love you guys are too.Beautiful,Everything!!! :-)

    1. Ohhh Go get some cute donuts this weekend! Let us know how they were!! And thank you so very much for the super sweet words! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! Hope to see you again soon! xo

  5. fun stuff! Now Im dying for something sweet. no donuts here.. I will have to settle with a piece of zuchinni bread! I hope you guys have a nice weekend and get a chance to get outside and enjoy the last few days of "summer". Actually Im sure there will still be many more nice days. but anyways... Happy Day!

    1. Ha! I was dying for dnuts as I was ting this last night... Though I love toast... It just wasn't even close. Our plans for the weekend... Work! As always. We may take a walk up to the beach, and may get the paint for the livingroom. Pretty low key. Thanks bunches!! Enjoy your weekend too! xo

    2. sorry, sausage fingers! should say *donuts…and *typing.

  6. Your Friday Favorite posts are always so good, Jenny! Swoon!

    xox Sammi

  7. jenny love, my husband as you read from me on Facebook is doing bad with his M.S and now a stroke and kidney problems so for me right now I have exactly the memories you and Aaron share! Countless weekends we wandered MI though and Pennsylvania once in those same shops.Sometimes I felt we should be working on our 100 year old house but instead we wandered tiny and sometimes huge places full of dusties as I call them. In summer it was the smell of lake Michigan.Autumn (my fav) the colors were brilliant, the orchards of apples and concord grapes incredible! On those trips I hunted many things, but like you drawn to those vintage cookbooks of cakes, birthday cards and double delight finding old B. party children's invites!!! Well of course many other things too!!LOL How I miss those days but as you know most are tight places and his wheel chair won't fit so now I look around my home and John can still remember the month, year and place we bought things. Beautiful shared memory sweetheart, savour them as fine wine! Love,Lori


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