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If you're even slightly familiar with the artwork that me and Aaron create, you'll know that we paint sweets very often. Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream…each of these things have been our muse at one time or another. And using sweets in our artwork is a no-brainer for us…sweets are easy on the eyes. But then there are sweets that transcend our pay grade…like these gorgeous chocolate pyramids you see here! These need not be artistically recreated in any way. They are the be-all end-all of chocolates, and they represent themselves perfectly…simultaneously they are dessert and they are art.

They're made by dessert designer Nectar and Stone, who's creations you can check out on Instagram .  Seeing photos of them all lined up and nestled in boxes, is about as close to edible perfection as one can get. 

Oh gosh I love this Malt Shop heel from Jeffrey Campbell! To me this design contains bits of so many aesthetic elements that I hold dear. They've got schoolgirl appeal, but at the same time they're sophisticated…they're vintagey and classic, but at the same time they're modern and sleek. I just love when a cute shoe is so much more than a cute shoe. 

Jeez, I've been reading some of these flavor descriptions online, and now I'm pretty sure that I'll be putting together an order for a variety of Sloane Teas.  
Seriously, Almond Truffle…this says it's got notes of dark chocolate and Brazilian cocoa!

This one will probably be my favorite...notes of bergamot and creamy vanilla.

And it goes without saying that I'm just as drawn to the beautiful tins as I am to the teas themselves. This is another one that grabbed me…I'd love it after a super flavorful meal. It's Assam black tea blended with pure peppermint leaves and Brazilian cocoa nibs. You gotta check out they're offerings for yourself…they even recommend which blends are the best for making iced tea.

This Bow Derek dress from Hello Holiday is totally my deal. Hello Holiday often have exactly what I'm looking for. I LOVE that bow!

And these keychains are super cute. They're from I'm a huge fan of pale candy pastel tones paired with gold.

And I love this Stay Focused print, which is also from

I want to have a party just so I have an excuse to make these Party People favor bags! You can find the tutorial for them at Oh Joy! 

They're so kooky cute and fun!

I just adore this image. I love the idea of words and letters made from food. In my art journal I recently did some lettering to resemble donuts.  

Specifically, golden glazed donuts dipped in pink frosting with sprinkles on top. I've got so many ideas for sweets theme fonts. One day, when we figure out how to work 24 hours a day without sleeping, we just might get some of these ideas down on paper. :) But seriously, I want to put a kit together with all sorts of letters like this. Wouldn't that be fun?!

And the last thing I'll mention in these Friday Faves is our beloved Boardwalk Empire. This Sunday night kicks off the final season! The show will pick up seven years in the future since the previous season, making it 1931…the end of prohibition is in sight. We are so excited that the show is back…but we'll sure be sad when it's all over. 
I mentioned in a previous post that we discovered Six Feet Under about a decade late. We watched all 63 episodes in a matter of weeks. We LOVE that show! Just last night we watched the series finale. I must say, it was one of the best finales ever. 
I hope Boardwalk has an equally impressive send off.

Ok, thanks again for reading! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
xo, Jenny…and Aaron says hi!


  1. Love your donut lettering and I want to eat all that ice cream... like immediately.little bow dress is so sweet!I love your posts :-)

  2. Those tea tins are gorgeous! Reminds me a bit of of Harney and Sons.

    I love Boardwalk Empire! I need to majorly catch up. I'm on season three. I kind of slowed down after season two after you know who killed who you know. I was obsessed and sped through the first two seasons!

  3. Those doughnut letters are the sweetest! Bwahaha (pun intended)


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