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Can you even handle the cuteness of this teeny tiny itty bitty adorable and delicious looking birthday cake?! And its not just any birthday cake…this also happens to be vegan! 
Capital City Bakery seriously takes vegan baking to the next level. I follow @capcitybakery on Instagram, and by doing so I'm nearly torturing myself :)…no matter what time of day, or what I'm busy doing at the moment, the second one of these yummy pics shows up on my screen, I'm pretty much done for! And I moan to myself…"Why oh why must Jersey be so far from Austin TX?!"

Seriously…look at that bakery case…all of that stuff is vegan! 
Kristen Davenport is the super sweet gal behind the award winning Capital City Bakery. She started out in 2010 baking custom cakes from home, then opened Austin's first all-vegan food trailer, and now she operates out of a super successful storefront location. All of the ingredients are 100% vegan, cholesterol-free, organic, and locally sourced…and their bakery boxes are made from recycled material. 
It's awesome when a business can make an amazing and super successful product all while 100% sticking to their ideals. Very inspiring. (and hunger pang inducing!) ;-)

Once again, I have to give credit to Instagram for introducing me to so many incredible artists and makers. What you see above is the work of Muncle Fred Art. They're like a florist who's flowers last forever. Their custom florals are all masterfully created with felt! They make them for weddings, anniversaries, parties, whatever... 
And I love seeing their studio photos…it looks just like it would at an actual florist…with florists buckets brimming with handmade blooms. You can follow Kayla on Instagram: @munclefredart

I gotta read this book! It's been on my wish list for a while. Besides loving Girls, and her film Tiny Furniture, I always love Lena Dunham in interviews. She cracks me up…she's so self aware but also doesn't get hung up on how she comes off. I love this blurb from her Amazon page…yeah, it's written by her dad. 
“This book should be required reading for anyone who thinks they understand the experience of being a young woman in our culture. I thought I knew the author rather well, and I found many (not altogether welcome) surprises.”—Carroll Dunham

I've been loving following along with my friend Brandi and her husband while they transform their new home. Well, it's new to them, but old to this earth. I was amazed at how quickly it progressed from the first photo to the second. It was so aged and worn and damaged…but they saw the potential and transformed it into this gleaming pink doll house. These pics don't even begin to show how impressive and huge it is. Their Instagram is @paintedrabbit. 

 Lieutenant Dan is responsible for making us crazy for bow ties around here. This one by Riot Bow Ties is actually 3D printed! How cool is that? Yes…it's made of Nylon plastic that's printed using 3D animation software. And it's a real deal wearable bow tie. I'm loving how creepy cute it is…perfect for the Halloween season.

Ok, I never include anything of mine in Friday Favorites…mainly because I like my Friday Faves to feature things out there that move and inspire me. But these are certainly a worthy exception…and I'm just as excited about them as if I came across them in some other artist's shop. 

Let me just say...I am In LOVE with our new stamps! Yep! We have stamps! 
They're long overdue! I know. So many of you had asked if we'd have stamps anytime soon. And the answer was always "yes, definitely…but we have yet to find the time to get that ball rolling"
Well…the ball finally started rolling. Our samples arrived today and you can see that I didn't waste a moment. I grabbed some little white round tags and stamped away…just to check the quality…and I'm so very pleased. The details are fantastic! They contain every single nuance of our drawings! 
We will be adding them to the shop tomorrow as pre-orders. So that means we will begin shipping once they come in…we are thinking they'll ship out to everyone by early November. 
We are starting out with two sets. One is a sweet little collection of cakes and tiny rose clusters. And the other is Allie & Amy with talk bubbles and cupcakes.
I can't wait to show you more! And I cannot wait to see them used by you talented stampers and crafters! If you guys are really into them, we have plans for lots more stamps in the near future! We can maybe even pull off some Christmas stamps sets if we hurry! 
More details on the stamps tomorrow…but I just had to share a tiny peek today!

Thanks so much again for reading! 
xo, Jenny…and Aaron says hi! 


  1. Love the stamps.....You know michelle is going to want to sell those at Paper Tales!! Now I want a piece of cake....

  2. So loving the stamps! And that little cake looks amazing!

  3. Loving it all ... and YAYYYYYY for your stamps!!!!!

  4. Jenny, you are killing me with cute. That tiny cake doesn't even look real, it's so adorable! Yum yum yum!


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