I heart November

Being self employed, working from home, and making up your career as you go, will often put you in a place that makes you feel slightly out of step with the rest of the world. But all of that changes around the holidays. For artists, crafters, and makers such as ourselves, this is a very special time of year. All of the sudden we feel like we are exactly on the same page as everyone else. Beginning on pretty much November 1st, we debuted this year's Everyday is a Holiday ornaments, and in the following days we shared more and more pieces…and to say that the response from you guys was AMAZING, would be the understatement of the century. Me and Aaron actually cannot believe how well our ornaments are being received. And don't take it the wrong way…I am in no way boasting. I'm just insanely THANKFUL. But I'm thinking of it on another level that isn't related to sales. I guess what I'm trying to express, is that right now, me and Aaron feel so utterly CONNECTED to all of you. We feel like we made the exact stuff that you guys were looking for. Like somehow we knew precisely what you guys wanted this holiday season…and we delivered it! 

In a matter of a few days you guys carved in stone what me and Aaron will be up to for the next few weeks. Yep, we'll be working round the clock, and I mean ROUND the CLOCK, on these ornies. Holy cow! We are gonna wear out dozens of X-Acto blades. And we couldn't be more thankful for it.  Just the other day we completed the final prototypes of our Holiday 2014 ornament offerings. I shared a bunch on a previous post, and below you'll see a bunch more that you may not have seen. Well wait…there are a few more on the way, our Starlets! but I put those in an entirely different category. I LOVE our Starlets! Last year they did fabulously…and this year we added some new gals with adorable little details. I hope to be able to share those this week…maybe by the weekend. 

But for right now, this particular collection of ornaments is complete. We wanted to offer a wide range, but not too wide. Our goal was to have something for everyone…and Jeez, so far it feels like we met that goal. It thrills us to flip through our latest invoices and see the sheer variety of ornies! So cool! Here's a few of what will be shipping out very soon.

This is one of our favorites! A triple scoop neapolitan sugar cone
And guess what?…we're working on a big wooden die cut of this cone! Usually we make ornaments based on our diecuts. But in this case we're doing the opposite. We loved the ornie so much that tonight we painted a large version of it. Tomorrow we'll be making the first printing of it, and we'll be cutting it out of wood. And it's gonna be big…like 16 inches…can't wait! It will be available in a day or so. I'll keep you posted.

This soft serve cone has been one of our best selling diecuts…and now it's one of our best received ornaments. I love the rainbow sprinkles.

We originally didn't have plans for making this Pink Mixer, but just last week a customer suggested it…so we stayed up late that night, and voila! 

Two collector favorites from last year are back. You can just barely see it in the photo, but they're both glittered!

Another holiday fave from last year. Our bottle brush tree with shiny brites. 

Also embellished with clear crystal glitter!

As you know, our color palette is heavy on the pastels. But we always make an exception for red. Especially when it's in the form of a Red Velvet cupcake. I love seeing these two versions side by side. And these are glittered too!

I love this little "feather" tree of ours. The "feathers" are actually vintage book pages. It's so cool that it's the perfect size to display exactly one of each of our ornaments. 

And despite what you may have heard…me and Aaron actually do leave the house every so often.
The other day, after completing all of the ornies and packing up some die cut orders, we realized that we were going a little stir crazy…and we also desperately needed some groceries! So we popped into Target, browsed a bit, and grabbed a small amount of food essentials. Target's food selection is getting better and better. And so are the dollar bins! That's where I found these super cute tags! They're perfect for adding to art journal and planner pages. 

And I feel like the stripy patterns and minty green of the tags work as the perfect segue for this pic. Also, more proof that we leave our house. We spent Sunday evening with my brother Walt and his girlfriend Val at their new place. Aaron worked some stripe magic in the bathroom! It looks so so fun! Walt and Val are remodeling the whole place, and me and Aar lent them our painting skills. Doesn't this pic look like a the set of a movie…like on a sound stage? That window looks fake. It's due to the lack of moldings, and the crazy bright spotlight. 

Happy Monday guys… hope your week is off to a great start!!
Love from the Jersey Shore! 
xo Jenny, and Aaron says hi!


  1. You are so incredibly talented! I am constantly in awe of your and Aaron's artwork and creativity. You are AMAZING and I'm so happy for you that your art is loved by many- that must be such an amazing feeling!!! Adore you muchly!!! Xoxoxoxo

  2. Its inspiring to watch you growing ♡ I think you do your work with so much passion that your products come out so pretty and creative =)

  3. These are just amazing!! You both are so immensely talented!!!!!

  4. I'm so glad you guys are doing so well! But of course you are, your creations are fabulous and so fun!
    Michelle xoxo

  5. These are just amazing! Great work! x


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