itty bitty cakes made from antique candy molds

What are these you ask? They're antique candy molds that were sent to us by our sweet friend Lisa. Lisa collects some of the best ephemera and vintage bits, and she was kind enough to send these our way! To make use of them as candy molds you can press them into a tray of packed brown sugar, pull them out, and then fill the recess with melted chocolate or liquid candy and let cool. 

I totally love them as-is, and I'll be keeping the majority of the collection this way. But I had a few doubles of the same exact design and I thought they would look amazing if they were painted to resemble tiny cakes. 

Some are super elaborate, and these ones looked like tiny bundt cakes. So with acrylic craft paint I painted one a buttery yellow, and the other chocolate. 

To create the transparent glazes I mixed some paint with Liquitex Gloss Fluid Medium and some water until I achieved a consistency that would drip ever-so-slightly down the sides. 

And then just kinda dabbed the glaze around the top of the cake ring until it dripped.

Right away I had the idea to paint this one to resemble lady fingers topped with cherries.

I love how the crosshatch of golden cake peeks through the aqua glaze on this one. 

This is one of the fancier shapes. It was destined to be chocolate with a dark chocolate glaze. I love how the gloss of the glaze makes it stand out against the chocolate cake.

I think they turned out super cute! I can imagine turning them into brooches, or rings! 

What a perfect fit for our little cast iron chef!

This was a fun little project to work on while orders were drying today. I love projects that really only require a fraction of your attention. That way you can craft and make things while still accomplishing your daily work goals. I think I did them all in about 45 minutes while doing a bunch of other stuff at the same time. 

It's still super cold here in Jersey but Aaron and I have our hearts and minds set on thinking Spring. When those sunny warm days arrive we'll be waiting with open arms and hearts brimming with inspiration. We are really looking forward to making and debuting our 2015 Spring collection! 

Hope you are having a great weekend!
Love from the Jersey Shore!
xo, Jenny…and Aaron says hi! 

ps. Thanks SO much Lisa!!


  1. Love these! It is wonderful reading how the two of you get so much love out of your creative spirits. Thanks for sharing and stay warm💓 I can't wait to see what you have been working on for Spring 🍀

  2. I knew you would paint these perfectly; good enough to eat. SO glad they are becoming little works of Jenny and Aaron art. I love the little cake on the baker tray! Yay!

  3. you painted those super-cute! what a fun gift.
    best wishes,

  4. Ohhhhhhhhh I love love love them!!!!!!!!!

  5. That is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I love tiny art and now I have to go search on ebay for some of these molds. =)

  6. So cute and sweet. Love these. You're making me want to eat sweets though! heehee...

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