Spring sprang & we welcomed warm busy days, lots of new artwork, and the arrival of a tiny bundle of joy.

Hey Guys! 
Man, it feels good to be back! Thank you so so much for checking in on us, and thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on our last post! We realize that it might have been jarring to look at Christmas pics on Memorial Day weekend, and this post will also be a throwback to previous months but we'll skip past the end of winter at least.
Again, the new studio space upstairs in our house made the cold months so much more bearable. Our Valentine's Day was great...full of pink and red and chocolate. But lets just jump ahead to Spring.

The first few days of being able to go without cranking the heat were just the best. Yeah, we're cheap dates...if we get to walk around the house without having to wear hoodies we feel like lottery winners.  

Every Spring I can't wait to bring out these faux chocolate bunnies!  

We debuted a new Springtime diecut plaque. Some of you old school readers may recognize the painting! Years ago our Party Chick cake used to be a plaque with a polka dot background. For the updated diecut version we lost the background and punched up the cake details We really love how it turned out! 

Easter means cupcakes around here! 

We baked some classic Magnolia bakery vanilla cupcakes to take over to the family get together at my baby brother Walt's new house! Two batches...one half with vanilla buttercream and the other half with chocolate buttercream. 

Yeah Aunt Jenny & Uncle Aaron take Easter seriously. 

Here is Miss Olivia hunting for eggs. She has gotten so big! 

We're pretty productive all year long, but in the Springtime we seem to get a bunch more done. Here is Aaron working on some sweet lettering on a "Cakes & Cupcakes" sign order. 

Lots of Sprinkles bottles were off to new homes...

and bunnies, and a whole bunch of our Happy Everyday cakes...

and of course there were some slices of Pizza...

and Donuts too!

We also added some plants to our offerings! 

 Our Succulents do not require a green thumb! ;) Love these!

A very popular order combo has been our amethyst and single succulent

Oh and finally...we painted the ultimate Banana Split plaque! 

We also brought back our 5x7 mini plaques

(Not sure if life is imitating art or if art is imitating life here.)

A new favorite sweatshirt from one of my fave brands Stay Home Club. Proud members. ;) 

We had another family fun day for Mother's Day. Walt's new house is perfect for family get togethers. Here's uncle Aaron and Olivia. I'm pretty sure they were playing "Super Hero".

And here's the newest addition to the family! My brother Richard and his wife Stephanie welcomed baby RJ...who happened to be born on his big sister Olivia's birthday! That definitely doesn't happen too often. 
He's one sturdy little guy and so far he's the most cool, calm, and collected little dude around.

For brevity's sake we can say that we're pretty much all caught up now. If we were to accurately recap the past six months, you'd all be alarmed at closely our life resembles the movie Groundhog Day. It's like one long continuous stream of donuts, cake, pink & aqua tissue paper, morning smoothies, trips to the post office, needy little chihuahuas...
That last item isn't even slightly a joke...our little pups seem to think that our lives revolve around their walks, their food, and their snuggles...which isn't far from the truth I guess.  

Ok...let's call us officially caught up. We've got lots of good stuff in store and hopefully we'll have a brand new post up in a few days. Thanks so much again for the warm welcome back!!

xo, Jenny & Aaron


  1. So happy you are back to blogging! Love hearing what you are up to and seeing all the candy that is your artwork and your home! That pink donut looks so yummy and I need buy myself the sprinkles die cut one day!!πŸ˜πŸ’•

  2. Missed you and Aaron and all your delicious sweet treats during your blogging hiatus!I am so sorry for your loss, I'm sure that would be more than a cause for a 'pause' for all of us. Love your new living room color, looks cozy and definitely will help draw a line between your studio life and personal life. It's hard when you work from home to have any borders between the two..I totally get it! Have a great rest of this holiday weekend!

  3. Love all the beautiful pictures! Congratulations on being an Aunt and Uncle again. Life is good.πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  4. LOVING all the new products!!! Just gorgeous! And RJ is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. So glad to see this happy mail in my inbox again! The pictures are so beautiful, that one of Aaron running with Olivia and holding baby RJ....♡♡♡♡
    Love y'all ♡

  6. I'm happy to hear that all is well. When one of my regulars disappears for a while I always worry. I love to see your creativity. Take care!

  7. Very happy to hear from you !!!


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