Coffee & Donuts...and Kale!

It's always so hard to find time to paint new artwork. We have a ton of would-be new designs sitting on our drawing board, just waiting to be painted and made...when we finally get the time. 
But this past weekend we just had to get this one done. Coffee has maybe been the most requested subject for us to paint. And we really can't believe we took so long to finally make a coffee diecut. Aaron and I both love coffee, and although we've got very similar tastes in most areas, we're sorta opposites when it comes to how we take our coffee. Aaron likes his black, and he always has it hot, even during the summer. He'll do iced in the afternoon sometimes when he's outside cutting wood, but for the most part he drinks 2-3 hot black cups very early in the morning.
Me...I like it iced, and I like a little bit of soy creamer, and a tiny bit of agave. I like iced so much better than hot that I'll barely drink coffee in the colder months and opt for tea instead. And oh yeah, unlike Aaron, my coffee is ALWAYS DECAF. If I get within 10 feet of caffeine the heart palpitations will start.   
So yeah...we finally painted coffee. And of course we just had to give it a donut sidekick.

In our shop we already have a chocolate frosted donut, but this time around we had to add some sprinkles. 

Probably both mine and Aaron's favorite detail is the tiny coffee bubbles! So fun to paint! 

Here's how it looks hanging! And oh yeah...we highly recommend using a Chemex. We've tried machines and French Presses, but by far the Chemex is the best when it comes to flavor and ease of use. And we use cloth filters. They're perfect because they're reusable and better for the environment, and also they're sturdy and easy to just flip inside out into our garden without making a mess.

And we love that the Chemex had a little cameo appearance in the classic 1968 horror film Rosemary's Baby. 
The design has never ever changed. It's the same as it was when it was invented in 1941. 

The new piece is such a fun size! We plan to add more coffee designs to the shop soon! 
And I almost forgot to mention that to kick this new one off we're having a sale in our shop. Use code COFFEE25 to get 25% off anything in the through Friday, June 17th.

Ok, now for this amazing piece of jewelry I just got from Rock That Gem! Yes, that's a Kale charm. And yes, it's an actual piece of Kale electroplated in 24K gold! I simply had to have it. You should see the amount of Kale me and Aaron bring home from the grocery store every single trip. I'm a big fan of the stuff and this necklace is more than fitting. 
Rock That Gem has so much good stuff...all of it handmade by a sweet gal named Molly. You have to visit her Etsy shop.

Ok, just wanted to pop in, say hi, and talk a little bit about coffee, donuts, and kale. Which is sorta a weird trio...but also maybe not.
We hope you're week is going great. We'll be back soon!

Love from the Jersey Shore!
xo Jenny...and Aaron


  1. Loving that new coffee and donut piece!! Fabulous! Placed my order last night for my latest pieces from you guys, can't wait!!!!! :)

  2. You're right about the bubbles! It's freshly poured coffee!

  3. The kale necklace looks so good on you Jenny, you are totally rocking it! So glad you're loving it! :)


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