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vintage teacup bailey's

Before I begin, I really want to say thank you! Thank you for checking in, thank you for reading, and thank you for welcoming us back. It really feels good to be blogging again. 
And we love hearing from you guys. Some of you take the time to comment here on the blog, (and we LOVE you for that) and some of you comment over on Facebook. It's so so nice to know that you guys are into what we share. Over the years this blog has served as a way for us to connect with so many like-minded friends...our fellow artists, collectors, vintage lovers. 
The blog world has changed a whole lot since we started this blog in 2006. So many of our favorite blogs are no longer around, and many have switched from being very personal to being very businessy. Aaron and I hope this blog will continue to be a place for us to share about the fun stuff we collect, day trips we take, classes we teach, artists and makers that we love, home projects, bits of family stuff, current fave music, movies, art, and whatever new stuff we're working on. 
Some of you guys know us for many years and some of you are new friends who found us through Instagram or our shop. Either way, we hope to continue to share some fun/interesting/creative stuff with you all for a long time to come.

Ok, so now let me get to how this post came about. The other day, after the Ocean Grove flea market, my camera decided to stop working. I would go to take a pic and the screen would just say "memory card error". And I tested a couple memory cards and every one had the same result. So it was a camera problem and not the card. It turned out that it's a problem that happens sorta often. The little sensor inside misreads the card. You can try blowing air in the port, or try poking the shiny little sensor with a plastic toothpick (never use a metal object because you can ruin the camera), or you can even try putting a piece of tape over part of the card (like you'd do in the 1980s with cassette tapes that you wanted to tape over). Anyway, none of those things worked and I really really didn't want to have to bring it in to get professionally repaired. 
Luckily, our camera has a send port for memory sticks. So maybe we could just bypass the memory card altogether and use a memory stick. So we went to go buy one, and guess what??...the things are nearly obsolete now...you cannot find them in stores. Yes, all technology becomes obsolete within a 5 year period...nuts. Ok, so I ended up finding a memory stick and a universal reader on Amazon. 
I couldn't wait for them to arrive. Being camera-less for even couple days was killing me.
So...long story short...the memory stick shows up...and I snapped the above pic just as a test to see if it works...and YESSSSSSS!!...Back in business.

 I honestly figured I'd just delete the test pic, but then it got me thinking...Faces. I'm big into faces. We have lots of faces around here. LOTS! And we kinda just take for granted that we've got faces all over the house. So I figured we should share some of the faces we see every day. And it was also a good way to dive in a take a bunch of pics real quick after going through a four day camera withdrawal.

 The above vintage Bailey's teacups were a gift from my mom. I've had them for years, stacked just like this, but I'm thinking I may have to plant some succulents in them very soon! 

I love this lil gal on my vintage bottle of Schilling "Fancy Decors".

Virginia Dare has inspired us so much over the years! Love the colors and vibe! 
Fun fact: Virginia Dare was founded in Brooklyn, NY in 1835, and it is still there today.

This family peeking out from this vintage box of birthday candle holders.

I love this little gal because she is 50% good old fashioned cute, and 50% Children of the Damned creepy.

But this one is 100% plain ole' cute.

Here's one of my favorite pieces by Sarah Hand.

We've had "boy" for nearly 18 years! One of the very first antiques we bought together! He changes his hat sometimes, and wears a mask on Halloween when he feels like it.

This little guy is a great conversationalist. When he tells a story, you never lose the thread.
(Thanks, I'll be here all week. Don't forget to tip your waitress.)

This dapper fellow. I think he's kinda Jake Gyllenhaal-ish. He's actually the face of a little tutorial we did that you can check out here: "Treat Yo Self Treat Cone

We have a handful of sweet faced pieces by our artist friend Crystal Sloane

Allie & Amy 

One of my favorite faces of all time..."Bunny Baby" has been with us forevs! 

And everyone loves Sir Kyle. 

And this gal is only known as "lil Jenny in the morning" for obvious reasons.

mixed media fabric collage

We have a bunch of fabric collages by Judy McCallum around the house. Many incorporate vintage and antique photos printed on fabric. We collected most of them between 2007-2008.

We have a number of Charlottes.

vintage candy box

And good ole' Fanny Farmer.

This fellow hangs in the living room. Its really wild when Aaron is without glasses and hat and happens to be standing in the room near this guy. We found him over 15 yrs ago.

One of my favorite pieces by artist Danita. This one is from 2007. 

This hilarious guy hangs in our entry way along with a few other pieces by one of our favorite artists Lia Lane. I seriously cack up every time I look at his face inspecting his egg. 

Another fave piece from Lia. And her paintings look really awesome up close. They're covered in beeswax so there's lots of texture. 

I honestly snapped all of these pics in about 15 minutes and only covered three rooms of the house. There are so many more but this is the main cast of characters when I think of the faces that greet us in the morning, or as soon as we walk in the door...the familiar faces that are looking back at us all day every day.

Take a minute and look around...are you surrounded by faces? How many? We'd love to hear! 

Thanks again for reading! Be back soon!
xo Jenny...and Aaron


  1. So happy to see another post!!

    1. Hi Vicky! Happy to share! Thanks so so much for reading and for taking the time to say hi! :) xo

  2. Im happy to see you back blogging again too. It certainly has changed since we first started at it!

    1. aww thanks Laurie!! Happy to be back! Oh man it is so so diff from the early days. It felt like a club back then! right? xo

  3. Haha, I live in South Africa and memory sticks are still everywhere :) I can't imagine live without them.

    1. I guess people use memory crds more than sticks here. I was so surprised that no stores stocked them. So glad I was able to find them online! My camera isn't even that old. Thanks for popping in!! :)

  4. smiling faces! (well some are and some arent..) or should it be faces that make us smile? I love the photo that looks like Aaron and the Jenny in the morning doll! glad you're still blogging. I just went back through my blog to see when I started it.. June 16, 2007. I had a live Journal for a year or so before that. I think I found you on flickr before blogging and I just checked flickr and started that in feb 2006. ridiculous that I have almost 11,000 pictures posted there. like really, what on earth have I taken pictures of? lol! and I would go nuts with out my silly little scratched up camera.. or my phone! Its all for fun. Though I have often considered to give up the blog. Ive cut back on the amount of posting I do. I sometimes think people must get tired of reading the same old same old! oh well. anyways... I hope you guys continue blogging, I'm always happy to find you here. have a great weekend!

    1. Yeah I have some stone faces around here ... haha. Some that even look a lil grumpy. haha! But they do make us smile. Yeah that portrait that looks like Aaron is funny! Especially when he's standing in there without glasses. I was journals at AOL before blogger!! haha! Insane! I still post in flickr, but mostly just to have pics saved in one more place. Everything is so different now. People interacted way more back then. I think we might take things for granted now. It's always so nice when friends take the time to comment! Thanks Viv! love ya! xo

  5. Sorry to hear about the camera, but glad you found a work around! I literally thought the 'man' in the framed print WAS a relative of Aaron's....before I even read what you wrote! HA! He looks a lot like him!!! LOVING all the faces around your home, I will admit, the ones I have are mostly photos! LOL!!!

    1. Thanks Julie! Yeah what a relief! I was not ready to buy a new camera! And yes... it cracks us up how much the guy in that portrait looks like Aaron! Anyone that comes over wonders if it is a relative as well! ha! Thanks for popping in!! xo

  6. How fun! Now that I am looking around, just the room I'm sitting in, there are all these faces staring back at me! I am so glad yall are back! The very best blog there is!!!😘

    1. Yeah, I don't think there is one "faceless" room in our house! ha! Ohhh btw your kitchen is looking sooo cute!! Loved the pics you posted on fb!!

  7. Hi,
    I have to post again! My computer was acting up and it ended up I was viewing all your photos only at the bottom of a black screen, no text or anything. I saw that portrait of the man in your picture "show" and I thought he really looked like Aaron and wondered if you saw it also.
    And I'm glad you're back! I don't get out much and I love browsing through the antique fairs with you. I missed your Friday posts too!
    Kathy, a 3rd generation vintage lover.

    1. hi Kathy! Thanks so so much! So happy to be back! So happy to hear that you enjoy the posts! :) We hope to get to the antique center very soon and we will be sure to take lots of pics!! :) Thanks for popping in and taking the time to comment!! xo

  8. I have the same Baily cips. LOVE them!

    1. Those Bailey's cups are such classics!! So FUN!! : ) Thanks for popping in Shirley!! xo

  9. Happy you are blogging again!

    1. Thank you Katie! We are so glad to be back and we're so happy that you've stuck with us! xo

  10. Thank you for sharing this delightful spread! I'm glad to hear that you ate continuing blogging. You both bring something very special to blogging. :)

    1. Thank you so much Kerry! We really appreciate that. We hope to blog much much more! xoxo

  11. this is such a cute idea for a post. i have tons of faces all over my house as well. i feel like i could probably count a hundred just sitting her in my living room!


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