Make art with us! Creative Jumpstart 2019 is here!

Hey Hey! Long time no see! Yeah we know. We've got a ton of catching up to do, but how about our next post we'll catch up with you guys about everything going on in life? 

And right right now let's talk about making amazing art together. Sound good? 

Ok, you may remember back in 2015 we participated in an amazing online art event called Creative Jumpstart, hosted by our super talented friend Nathalie Kalbach. We taught a step by step class making this faux slice of cake shadowbox you see above.
We had a great time doing it and honestly, we love teaching. If there was one thing that we wish we had more time for it would be teaching art classes.

So this year we're doing just that. Creative Jumpstart features 31 amazing artists teaching you the things they do best. You get 31 videos in 31 days! And at the end they're all yours to watch and rewatch. You can work along with each and every short video and pick up all sorts of artful tips and methods. Check out the quick promo video below.   

CJS19 Promo Video from Nathalie Kalbach on Vimeo.

Every year CJS (Creative Jump Start) has a theme and this year's is 
"My Home is My Castle"
Which we were instantly psyched about, because we've been thinking a lot about how much our home means to us.
Here's a peek at our project. It's what we call our "castle flag"...a piece of artwork that showcases the things we love and some of the things we live with every day. In the video we show you how you can make your very own that features the things you love and live with. 

We don't want to say too much about it because we'd love for you guys to sign up for CJS and make your very own right alongside us. 
It's fun and it's fast...and it's just 1 out of 31 total projects! 

You get 31 videos - over 5 hours worth of video content -  for just $40 (USD) if you sign up by November 26 2018 11:59 pm EST. 
Afterwards it will be $45USD until November 30th 2018, and $50USD until December 31st 2018, before it goes to its normal sale price of $60USD on January 1st 2019. 

Seriously...the early sign prices are amazing...$40 if you sign up today, or $45 by the end of the week!

So make sure to check out all the details right away and sign up here! We can't wait to make art together!

xo Jenny & Aaron


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    1. Ah! Hey Julie! Thanks! It's going to be so much fun! 31 days of art making! Thanks for popping in! xo


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