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“I was smitten with Jenny and Aaron's design work from the moment I first spotted it. Not only do they stay true to their talents and brand, but they keep growing and evolving. Always nurturing the creative community and always creating something beautiful. They are ones to watch!” - Cathie Filian, Emmy-nominated host of Creative Juice on HGTV, producer of Craft Wars on TLC, and bestselling author

“Jenny and Aaron live up to their name in every way - and graciously show us how to do the same. From mouthwatering illustrations to quirky-yet-endearing lifestyle tips, their signature vibe is cool, recognizable, and universally appealing - and just like the desserts they paint...addicting! They make the world a sweeter place! - Kathy Cano-Murillo, Crafty Chica.com

“What can I say about Jenny and Aaron? [They are] a delightfully different departure from everything typical. Their work gets you excited about all the possibilities of mixed media [and] the opportunity to learn from them and follow your own art-filled adventure is like a ticket to the "greatest show on earth". They challenge and reintroduce creative process and help you see the world and your own potential in a fresh, new, stylish way.” - Matthew Mead, Founder, Creative Director and Editor in Chief of HOLIDAY WITH MATTHEW MEAD MAGAZINE series

“Jenny and Aaron are two of the most talented folks we know. We have found their dedication to their craft addictive and awe-inspiring. We are super proud to hang so many pieces of their artwork on our bakery walls because it always makes us smile - and our customers love it too!” - Cheryl and Griffith Day, authors of The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook

“Jenny and Aaron have stuck to their dreams and followed a sweet path they know is true to their hearts. When I met them over than 13 years ago, they were excitable painters, with great style, motivated to create 24/7 and who left no surface unembellished. They are more or less the same, seasoned and refined by skill and life experience, and thousands of fans and followers are cheering them on. Jenny and Aaron take (and make) the cake…always have, always will.” - Jane Dagmi, HGTV Remodels, Designing Spaces

“Jenny and Aaron are like that cool couple in college who are now grown up but sill have their humor and love. Their retro style is both quirky and modern. Bring them into your home and you are sure to smile more.” - Jacqueline deMontravel, Romantic Homes Magazine

"Jenny and Aaron have such a fabulous and fresh take on mixed media. Their imagery is retro yet modern with a soft and timeless color palette.  The chance to take a peek into their creative process and techniques is an opportunity not to be passed up!"  - Claudine Hellmuth, nationally recognized collage artist, author and illustrator

About the Authors
The artists behind Everyday is a Holiday are Jenny Heid and Aaron Nieradka. Their designs have been sold at top retailers such as Michaels and Barnes and Noble. Jenny and Aaron’s artwork has graced the pages of magazines such as Country Living, Country Home, Woman’s Day Decorating Ideas, Design New Jersey, Romantic Homes, Somerset Life, Somerset Studio, Where Women Cook, and The New York Times Magazine. Their work has also been featured on NBC’s Today Show with Matt Lauer. They have been instructors at many national venues including Silver Bella in Omaha, Nebraska, Art Opera in Red Bank, New Jersey, Art Is…You in Connecticut, and Artistic Affaire in California. 
Living the artful life together for nearly two decades they've worked as antique furniture restorers, muralists, owned a hand-painted furniture company and retail store, and their artwork hangs in homes, bakeries and shops around the world. Jenny & Aaron currently reside with their two chihuahuas on the Jersey Shore.


  1. What an incredibly impressive body of work! Your dedication to art and living an artful lifestyle has touched so many lives and homes. Wishing you the greatest level of success and happiness in all your endeavors.

  2. Most beautiful blog EVER! So glad I found it! ~♡

  3. Your blog is my "happy place!" Can't wait to get your book!
    <3 everything I see!!!! xo

  4. Lovely book. Pastels are my absolute favorite. I do have question: do you have plans to incorporate people of color in your future projects and artwork?

    1. Thanks so very much! We'd love to do lots more projects featuring people and portraits of all colors. Nearly every project in our current book that features people contain old photos of our relatives…mom, grandma, etc.
      Though we did feature an African American ballerina cake topper in our Fauxbulous Keepsake cake project. We love ballerina cake toppers and we were thrilled to find some that were of color and simply had to use one on our faux cake project. We love that you love our book and we love that you asked us this particular question. It's so important for artwork to showcase diversity. Art is for all ages, all types, all cultures, all classes. In our career teaching at art retreats and online we have found that art can be the great equalizer that brings everyone together. Again, thanks for your suggestion. And the answer is: absolutely. Now, only if we could find time to do some more art journaling projects on the blog! There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. xoxo, J & A


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